Post derailment

Well I didn't manage to get any more writing done before going out. Boo. but at least I was right about the afternoon. I had a great chat covering all manners of Horror Films, science fiction, the recent lunar eclipse and all the usual kinds of things you get when two geeks chat for an afternoon.

Leave there get home  a little while before my wife is due from work so head straight for the cooker (yes I am domesticated) and one meal, plus a little TV watching together and all of a sudden it's quarter past eight. These days go by so quickly.

Well my wife us heading off to watch the Great British Bake Off Final so I am going to do a little writing.

Just time before I start to mention a trip to Tesco. Not something I would normally blog about but I saw a couple of books there I felt like buying. So as I log all the new book purchases here they are

Neil Spring - The Watchers
Catherine Chanter - The Well


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