Have finished chapter 13

Thanks to the efforts of Helloween with their Keeper of the Seven Keys part 2 album I got my head back into it and put my head down. Result was two final chaplets, another 1,398 words and chapter 13 was done and dusted. I'm getting closer playing with dragons again.

A little way into chapter 14 now and the book now has passed the 50K - but 17 whole words. I just wanted to wait until it had done so until I blogged about it. Yay! Go me!

Anyway I have changed my music for the next writing session. Earlier this evening Alistair Reynolds tweeted how he had answered a number of the questions on a Mastermind round on Hawkwind. Well it put me in the mood for a little of the band. And so as I go for it with chapter 14 I am listening to Masters of the Universe. Good headf**k stuff.

Apart from that I have mostly avoided the rugby. England lost as I knew they would. In truth I wasn't totally avoiding it. I'm not a fickle supporter to that degree. It's just the sky box was recording Doctor Who and Beck and the time so I couldn't watch it.

It did me some good as I'd procrastinated enough earlier watching the South Africa vs Scotland match. And I am going to surprise a few people now. I was supporting Scotland. I might be English but I am also British and I am European and I live in the Northern Hemisphere.

Now I have nothing against South Africa, I have many South African friends but every world cup bar one has been won by a southern hemisphere team. I want another Northern Hemisphere win - even if it is not going to be England. So I wouldn't care if it was Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France, Italy or any other Northern Side (it's not going to be anyone not mentioned even despite Japan's fantastic upset against SA earlier).

So Allez Les Blues, Andare Italia, come on Scotland, Wales, Ireland. Let's prove the Northern Hemisphere can play this sport.


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