Virtual non starter

In some ways this week has not been a good one. Not in any major way so this isn't going to be a complaint. I have too much in my favour in life compared with many people to moan about small stuff.

It's basically that I am tired. I've not slept all that well and as a result didn't really have it in me tonight to do much writing. I added about 300 words before I gave it up and watched some TV.

So I am caught up with Midwinter of the Soul. Fantastic show. Feels a little like the Scandinavian dramas I love - nice and gritty with flawed characters. Pity there is only one more episode to go. Also watched last night's Mock the Week and Have I Got News for You. Bit of a wind down Friday.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be reinvigorated and make up for everything not done this evening...


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