Wednesday daytime writing - plus derailment

I have the day off work and nothing to do; well, nothing active. I just have to wait in for someone this morning.

So I thought, rather than just book a half day and head in this afternoon I'll take the whole day and try to get lots of writing done. And yes I realise the pressure that might put me under. Too much time and you start to think I NEED to do "this" much. Of course you always aim high then allow anxiety to creep in and you end up falling far short.

Well not today. Today I woke up feeling good. Sat down at the keyboard and wrote a quick chaplet. All good. That was by 9am too so lots of day left.

And then...yes it happened. I had tweeted about not being at work today and someone I've known for a while but not seen in... Well to cut a long story short I am going out at 12 and probably for the whole afternoon. It will be good in many ways but end result is limited time to write.

And I have a couple of chores to do before I go, so even less time. And yes I know heading straight to the blog and typing this cuts it down even further but what can I say? I guess I'm just like that.

Anyway, I'm going to quickly get the chores done and see if it leaves me writing time. At least I think I'm going to enjoy the afternoon.


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