Sunday is writing day

Well I started the day with a car boot. It was looking a little light on the ground but I guess it is nearing mid October. Most people with any sense will be staying in their warm beds and not heading out to sell. I thin I am likely to call it quits now until it starts again in 2016. So that should mena I concentrate a little more on writing (yay!)

So far today I have done a little. I added a final 647 words to chapter eighteen and called it done. The book is now at 64,910 words. So getting along. Chapter nineteen should see the action ramp up a little. Hopefully it will seem as good on the page as it does in my head.

Have listened to a bit of obscure music so far.

 - Grey Lady Down - The Crime
 - Opus Atlantica

Having listened to the second I think I know why I don't pick it out all that often. Symphonic metal isn't really my thing.

Anyway a short break (okay longer than that really). I went off to watch the start of the Russian Grand Prix. The problem with doing that was I ended up watching the whole race. It was actually quite interesting - more than most F1 races I've seen over the last few years.

But now - no more excuses. I need to write. I have Rush's Clockwork Angels on the CD player. So let's get typing


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