Saturday evening progress report

I have been writing on and off for most of the day. And with the exception of the first 600 words it has all been on the YA Fantasy the Patternmaker's Daughter. I am now into chapter 23. The main part of the action for the book is now done. 81,100 words have been committed to paper.

All I have to do now is tie off a couple of loose ends and set things in motion for book two. Of course book 2 will never get written if book 1 doesn't sell. I will be moving on to the space station story come November 1st; if the weird novella I mentioned earlier lets me.

So if all goes well the book should be finished by early this coming week. Then I'll have a few days to get some serious editing done before NaNoWriMo

Oh, and I'd better skim down the rough plot of books 2, 3, 4 in the PMD notebook so I don't forget it. Tonight though will not see any more writing. It's family film night - even though tonight there will be no film. We'll be watching the latest episode of Doctor Who and then another episode of the Swedish cop series Beck. That will take up all the time until I need sleep. And before anyone moans its the weekend so why not stay up later, remember I get up at 6:30

And if all goes well in the morning I will be out and about at what may well be the last book hunt of the year


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