Sunday evening - urrggghhh. I feel drained

I have gone for it with the novel today. I forewent the pleasures of book hunting as I wanted to get stuck into the writing early. It worked.

I started this morning on 81,100 words. Twelve hours later, about forty minutes or so ago I typed the final word of the epilogue. The first draft is done at 88,103 words long. I added three words over seven thousand today. Wow! No wonder I feel pretty much the same way as I did at the end of a rugby match all those years ago. I suppose the epilogue added a bit to it - it got a bit emotional there at the end.

88,103 words in one month and thirteen days; at the same time as working my day job too. That was intense. Now I just need to avoid revising it immediately. I have to take a step back - everyone tells me this.

Fortunately I need to put some time into planning the backstory for the space station story I'm going to write for NaNoWriMo. That should occupy my mind for the next few days.

Now I need to go rest. So glad I have the day off tomorrow. I need some down time


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