Some random thoughts - includes writing

Okay, it's the second day of my week off work. So far so good. not had to leave the house for four days. I'm not saying I'm turning into a hermit but it's been good to have no pressure on to do anything.

Take this morning for instance. I came into my office; turned on the PC; opened al the apps I need to do this (Word, Outlook, IE) and then thought - nah. My wife thought the same about her music too so it was good timing. So instead of working we finished up season 1 of the Flash.

Now this is a series that for some bizarre reason I still like after watching 23 episodes. It gets off to a good start - there's a superhero from heck's sake and most of the rest of the cast are scientists. What's not to like. Well there's the science for one thing.

Now I know superhero stories play it a bit loose with real science stuff and we have to make some allowances. After all being bitten by a radioactive spider is a pretty dumbass origin story science wise. But even given certain allowances this show has taken flimsy technobabble to heights even Star Trek would find daunting. Anyway I've blogged twice no about the Flash so I'm going to quit it now. Onto other things.


I did get some more writing in. Chapter 4 is done and the word count has progressed to 16,913.

This section of the novel is proving a little trickier than I'd first thought. It's varying between too flowery wordwise and needing some serious editing or far too brief and needing more description. Finding a happy medium is annoyingly fiddly. So is coming up with more and more inventive, and partly potty mouthed, metaphors and similes.

Why did I give my main character such a way speaking? Seemed such a good idea at the time but boy, is it a headache? All I can do is stick with it and hope it gets easier because I do rather like the way it's going


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