End of Wednesday update

The evening start with the book at 72,128 words and chapter 20 a section away from done. That section is written, as well as the first two sections of chapter 21. By some fluke I have added exactly 2,000 words tonight so I am finishing with it on 74,128.

I am probably not going to be able to write tomorrow night. I am going straight from work to a book reading/signing in Derby. I will admit there is a bit of a motive on here as well as the interest in this book - which does sound really good BTW. I will be buying it.

The publisher is a new one and based in the area. I am hoping to get a chance to talk to him a little and you never know. Yes I am that transparent. Or rather I am that semi-transparent. I do want the book.

Right now to go finish John Oliver's Last Week Tonight then sleep time.


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