Replies from agents and other stuff

I was decrying the lack of responses from agents and publishers about my submissions. It seems at least two of them heard me (or read me).

I received two rejections today - for my horror novel from UK agency Annette Green, and for my science fiction from the Zeno Agency. That started the weekend off well. It was more fun not hearing in truth.

And a publisher I contacted out of the blue isn't open for submissions - maybe next year though.

I'm not sure my head is up for writing tonight. Not because of the rejections. I've steeled myself for them. They're part of the inevitable writing life. But it's been a bit of a long week and I'm not fully with it. I might be in a little while but for now I might search for more agencies or publishers I can send stuff in to.

So I have chosen so uplifting music. This will be a little bit of a challenge for even hardened prog fans to follow. Erik Norlander's Music Machine. Not for it being extreme. It isn't. It's quite melodic. But it's not that common. I'm not sure many will have come across it. It's more the 80s AOR end of proggy stuff. But it seems a bit of a concept album - double CD for certain.

On other matters - one thing I tend to do is hunt for books. I've detailed it on here in the past. I go out trying to find old sci-fi, fantasy and horror. The books I find which I already own I try to find new homes for. Well today I passed one on that I have hopes for. One of my colleagues is a sf fan. I've passed books to her in the past by Ray Bradbury, Michael Moorcock, Margaret Atwood, Issac Asimov and others. All have gone down well. So today I passed across a copy of Intervention by Julian May. I love this book so fingers crossed she will too.

Now let's hunt markets


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