Saturday progress report

I'm running out of time for writing today. In about 20 minutes I'll be popping out to buy the last things for tonight's meal - you always forget something don't you?

Then after eating it will be Saturday film night. Or maybe it will be Doctor Who and Midwinter of the Spirit. We'll see. Can't be both as I need sleep - out for another book hunt tomorrow morning as we have the weather.

So I started this morning on 62,120 words. It has grown a little since then. The book now stands at 64,247 words. So about 2.1K for the day. Not bad when you think we went out for a good portion of the day. And with most of tomorrow available for writing it should grow even more.

And it's just as well. I have this idea I've mentioned before for a science fiction story set on a space station that I want to get on with. And after talking to a friend last night I have a witch story that we discussed some years back trying to force its way into my conscious mind. I just hoped all these story ideas will play nice with each other in my frontal lobe.

Music for this writing session
Jethro Tull
It Bites

Yeah, I know the first two actually go together reasonably well but the complete departure that is the third does make up for that.


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