Another night passes

I have to go play taxi man again soon - the perils of being a teetotaller. So I am stopping writing now for the night. It wasn't a bad night. I moved the story on a pace or two and added 1,763 words. Currently running total is 62,120.

Looking through my notes for what's left to cover before I call it done I think I am going to have to extend it beyond the 22 chapters I expected. The perils of cutting a couple short because they had reached good end points. you just have to make it up later. Still it seemed to work better that way.

I can see it getting another 23K or so, maybe a little more. Hoping I can do that in 2 weeks. Should be able to make a good dent in it over the weekend as my wife will be musicing. (I do like making a noun work like a verb and vice versa. It feels so dirty.)

Have had my usual musical accompaniment, albeit via the CD player and not playing it myself. I don't share my wife's talent.

Since last posting it's been
 - The Who Sell Out
 - Black Sabbath - We Sold Our Soul for Rock 'n' Roll

Now all I have to do is fight the temptation to start building lists again. I have this great urge within me to list things. I find it wonderfully cathartic. And unfortunately I also find it very addictive. I need to concentrate on writing and not indulging my own particular insanities.

Okay time to go fetch the parents in law. Then later I'll be out again getting my wife. Oh the hardships I have to endure. I thought I would escape being dad taxi by not becoming the dad part. I figured wrong.


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