Another day of writing - and a submission

I'm more than half way through my week off work now - darn. It's not that I don't like my job - I do. It's just been great being able to do some serious writing day after day.

Well I worked on and off on the novel all day and it has progressed from 18,289 words to 22,507 words. Over 4K today. The story is coming along quite well and my cursing is growing more anatomical and more weird. When I revise I am definitely going to have to upscale the inventiveness on the earlier swearing.

Aside from that I prepped another submission of the horror novel Mr. Stinky - this time to Ghostwoods Press. Fingers crossed as with all of them.

I went through my spreadsheet containing all the other submissions. There are a couple due this week, so I will be firing off follow up emails to them tomorrow. Not expecting anything from them but it'll be better to know one way or the other.

Well writing itself is pretty much done for the day. I am going to be watching another episode of the Swedish Crime Series Beck tonight. Even if you've seen the top Scandi shows like the Killing or the Bridge this is one that may have passed you by.

It's not a bad show by any means, not in the league of those first two mentioned but still very enjoyable. I don't know but I am a big fan of Nordic Noir. In some ways it's odd as apart from the setting and the language they are essentially the same as British or American cop series and I don't watch them. I'm not going to question it. I'm leaving it with the fact I find them addictive.

The plan for the remaining time I have before going back to work is a little different to the last 3 days. I'm not going to get solid days of writing in. I mentioned my No.1 test reader wants to tread the YA fantasy story I finished a little over a week ago. Well to accommodate this wish I need to do the first revision - grammar fixing and adding a scene or two in that I have sketched out.

I know it's a bit quick to go back to it but it'll be worth it to get the feedback. So that will take up a chunk of both of the next two days and possibly most of the weekend. Hopefully though I will be able to get some more writing in on this Space Station story.

Although now I think about it I have suggested we all watch another Nordic Noir series from Friday night - probably Jordskott, That will mean less time to write but enjoyable viewing awaits. I'll probably post thoughts about the series once we've watched it.


Paul Bradshaw said…
I really like Beck, and the novels as well. Good luck with the writing, you seem so organised!
Edmund Lester said…
Thanks for the comments on the writing (and organisation)

I did catch on to Beck straight away so missed most of the early episodes. But I've bought the first 3 on DVD so will revisit at some point. I think though the family fancy watching Jordskott next

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