I have a new book (it's more interesting than just that)

There was a book launch in Derby Waterstone's  this evening. The book being launched was Andrew David Barker's Dead Leaves. Andrew is a guy from Derby writing a book set in Derby in 1983 about a video nasty and some teenagers' hunt to find a copy of the banned film - the Evil Dead in this case.

It appeals to me as a story. I lived through those crazy days with the furore of the 80s and enjoyed many of the films they were banning so it brought back a ton of memories. So I bought the book. What can I say? I'm a sucker for books.

Met up with a friend for the signing so got to say hi to him as well as attend the book launch.

Got home to the usual pile of emails and one from an agency. Did the usual job, deleted all the junk and spam, bringing it down to the four or five emails I care about. Then opened the others first, saving the one from the agency until last. Well, there's no use getting the disappointment in early. Then what do you have to look forward to.

So I opened it and it was....a rejection. My science fiction novel moves onto 11 rejections. There is still the one agent who requested the whole manuscript so there is hope. This rejection was from the hhb agency. The email had the rather nice phrase "though there was much to admire in it". That at least felt nice. But it is another rejection to add to the pile.

So it is now 21:37 and I might just get time enough to sneak in a quick section of the YA Fantasy.

In other words stop typing her you idiot (me) and get on with the novel


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