Saturday morning - quick write and some advice

I had an opportunity to get an hour's writing in this morning before I had to go out. So I took advantage of it. End result was Chapter 18 now has a second section done. Another 933 words have been added to the novel. The Patternmaker's Daughter now stands at 63,053 words.

And I've done the second most important part of writing (in my opinion). I have backed up all my files. I do this pretty regularly - at the end of each writing session. I've known too many other people lose work (admittedly in other fields) that I am paranoid about it. One friend recently had her hard drive crash so spectacularly that virtually nothing could be retrieved from it. She'd used this as a storage drive for all the photographs she had taken over the past few years. And the vast majority were lost. And this is someone who works in IT and admitted she knew better.

So my advice to anyone who might read this. If you have files you want to keep - BACK THEM UP.

Anyway techy stuff over. I will be writing more later today. My wife has to start prepping for the next shows. She's taken on the role of Musical Director for a pantomime so will be quite busy. I think she'll be out for every Sunday for the rest of the year. Sound like I'll be writing.


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