A writing update

9:20 - I've been writing for a little over an hour and a half. In that time I have started chapter 16 and completed the first two chaplets. 1,418 words committing to file (it sounded much better in the days when you said to paper).

The book is now standing at 56,578 words. I think this is going to be the last chapter before something more serious happens. Magic will happen in chapter 17. I just like pacing it a bit - having the action, then a bit of a come down before the build up starts and then more action. It works in my head.

I am just hopeful it will work in the head of a literary agent at some point.

One good thing about last night's rejection. The tone of the email was so friendly I decided to email him back and ask whether he would be okay with me sending another submission his way soon. I told him I was writing a YA fantasy and he replied that he will be happy to receive it. Cool. I didn't want to overload the agents.

I might not be getting any success at finding agents but I am capable of tapping words out. The books do get finished reasonably quick. This could result in me subbing to him every other month. That could piss someone off in a hurry.


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