Slim pickings

I went out this morning on a book hunt. October and car boot sales is always going to be less than brilliant but it had been okay weather for a few days and you never know if you'll get another chance before autumn kicks in fully.

Books this morning were fairly scarce and for the most part celebrity biographies or copies of Fifty Shades...

I did find three books though

James Herbert - Moon
Rober Asprin - Another Fine Myth
L. Elizabeth Storm - Quantum Leap: Pulitzer

The last was a whim purchase. I used to like the Quantum Leap series and have in the long distant past read one of the novels they brought out. I may never read this one - in truth I almost certainly won't but for 50p how could I not buy it?

Away from books there were a couple of CDs/DVDs I couldn't resist. Every house should have a copy of Kentucky Fried Zombies after all.


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