A question

This blog is being read by more people than ever. Thank you all by the way. It does make me a little curious about what you all prefer to read about on here.

Mostly I have been posting updates on how the writing has been going and any news from the submissions I have made to agencies and publishers - which at the moment are all a bit quiet.

But I am wondering what else I could post. I've added details from time to time about my book collecting which I haven't done after today's hunt. I did buy six books today, most of which I already had. The car boot just wasn't all that good today for books; well not if you weren't looking out for celebrity biographies, true crime books or Catherine Cookson novels, none of which feature on my wants list.

The last one was odd though. Back when I first got serious about book collecting I would see Cooksons everywhere. They've been rather scarce for a while up to today. Today there were about half a dozen people with a box of Cookson novels. Odd.

Anyway - here is my collection. Will you let me know what posts have been your favourites? Just post a comment and I'll see what I can do to oblige. Obviously I'm not going to suddenly take up an interest in flower arranging so I can talk about it but if there is something...

Here's a few I could whittle on about
 - Europe and Politics in General
 - Science Fiction Writers from the past
 - Lists. I am a list builder. I find them cathartic. My book collecting blog entries may have given this away. I can happily post random lists from time to time.
 - Music. Big music fan. If you want recommendations on albums I will happily oblige (a lot of prog will feature).
 - TV stuff. I'm not a big TV watcher but I have seen a lot of good genre TV over the years. Will whittle on about it.
 - random weird stuff. My wife often tells me the weirdest shit seems to go through my head.

Anyway I'm going to relax now away from my computer. It's ten thirty on Sunday evening and I need to spend some down time.


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