Writing Update - Thursday 22/10

I haven't added an entry to this blog in days. Sorry about that. I just had to scale it back a little after the end of the Patternmaker's Daughter on Sunday. I felt drained totally after that was done.

Well I am partly recharged. I have however not left off the writing - albeit in a prep kind of way.

I will admit my first consideration was to print off the fantasy novel and go through it making corrections. But I had read in so many places that this is possibly/definitely not the best thing to do. So I resisted. Difficult as I know there is an extra scene I want to insert about two thirds through to add something to the ending. But I have held back.

I had considered too writing another Ben Williamson weird novella - I have an idea that I really want to write too. But I decided to get sensible. Really sensible.

I have kind of committed myself to NaNoWriMo (this National Novel Writing Month) thing thought November. With the goal being to write at least 50K in a month I thought I'd better prepare. So I've been filling pages of another of my notebooks with sketches and ideas and chapter guides etc. And over the past three days typing up some of these into background docs. This is necessary if you've ever seen my handwriting.

So we now have six nearly thousand words of background stuff in a word file. Some of this will end u pin the book - I don't know if that's cheating. I'm giving myself the benefit of the doubt. It is only structures not whole chapters just to pick up and drop.

So I am going to do this for another couple of days then come the weekend I might just have to go back to that novella as I am itching to do some actual writing.

Right now though I'm going to go watch a little TV


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